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Roofsolver Seamless Solar insert specifications

Nu-lok Solar Roof Tile specifications

Rated Peak Power (WP) 45W
Peak Power Voltage (V) 8.7V
Normal Voltage 6.0V
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 10.9V
Current Peak Max (I) 5-05A
Short Circuit Current (I) 5.5A
Tolerance of Peak Power 3%
Solar Cells - 125mmm x 15mm 18
Cell Efficiency 16.5%
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC
Temperature Coefficient of I 0.065 +0.015%
Temperature Coefficient of V 2.23=1MV
Static Load Front & back 2400PA
Output Cables + 900mm MC3 D
Reflectivity 4%
Weight 4.6kg
Dimensions 1200mm x 400mm x 7mm D
Certiified to IEC 61215 D
CE - manufactured in ISO 9001 Certified Factory